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The Die ability will play a death animation or enable the ragdoll when the character dies. If the ragdoll is enabled then it will let Unity's physics engine react to the damage. The ragdoll can be created using Unity’s Ragdoll Wizard. When the character is alive the ragdoll colliders will be disabled and the Rigidbodies will be kinematic. When the character dies the ragdoll colliders will be enabled and the Rigidbodies will be able to freely move. The Die ability will disable the ragdoll again as soon as the character either spawns or the ragdoll Transforms have settled according to a SettledThreshold.

Ragdoll Death
Should the character use a ragdoll upon death?

Settled Threshold
The ragdoll's rigidbodies will be set to kinematic as soon as the transforms have moved a total difference less than this amount between two frames

Settled Frame Count
The number of frames that the rigidbodies have to be settled before they are set to kinematic

Disable Colliders
Should the ragdoll colliders be disabled? Set to false if the collider should be used for hit detection

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