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The Item component is the base class of anything that can be picked up. Items can be used by subscribing to the IUsableItem interface and reloaded by subscribing to the IReloadableItem interface. The Item class is an abstract class and there is no limit to what is considered an item: weapons, baseballs, chainsaws, frying pans. Items donít have to be used only for offense either, for example a health pack or power up can also be considered an item.

If the Item can be used it will work with the Inventory to determine how much it can be used. The Inventory identifies the Item by the ItemType. The ItemType should be created before the actual item is created. Every item that the character has a chance of using should be placed on the character while in edit mode. When the game starts the Inventory will search the character for any Items and deactivate any items that the character does not start out with. When the character picks up a new Item it will activate the Item and appear as if the character just picked up the Item.

Items can quickly be created with the Item Builder.

  • Shootable Weapon
  • Magic Item
  • Melee Weapon
  • Static Item
  • Throwable Item
  • Attachments
  • Character Item Animations
  • Item Extensions

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