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The PrimaryItemType extends the ItemType and is any item type that can be equipped by the character. This includes a standard weapon such as a pistol or shotgun but it can also include throwable items (such as grenade) or melee weapons (such as a knife). The PrimaryItemType uses the ConsumableItemType to determine how many resources it has left. When an Item is used (such as a weapon being fired), the PrimaryItem count in the Inventory doesn't get decremented. Instead, it is the number of ConsumableItems the PrimaryItem has left.

The PrimaryItemType can also specify any additional ConsumableItems. This allows multiple ConsumableItems to use the same PrimaryItemType. PrimaryItemType items may also be dual wielded with other items.

Consumable Item
The consumable item that can be used by the primary item

Additional Consumable Items
Any other consumable items that can be used by the primary item

Dual Wield Items
The items that can dual wield with the current item

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