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The MovingPlatform component will smoothly move an object between any number of waypoints. In addition to position changes, the platform can change rotations as defined by the RotationSpeed. As soon as the platform arrives at a waypoint it will either smoothly come to a stop or continue on to the next waypoint. The MovingPlatform component implements the IInteractableTarget interface and will start moving when Interact is called.

The RigidbodyCharacterController component can smoothly ride on top of MovingPlatforms. In order for it to do this it must know that it is on top of a MovingPlatform and this is specified by the MovingPlatform layer.

Move When Enabled
Should the platform start moving when the object is enabled?

Move Dampening
The amount of dampening to make the movement smooth

Rotation Speed
The speed at which the platform rotates

Stop At Waypoint
Should the platform stop moving when it arrives at a waypoint?

Can Interact While Moving
Can the direction be changed while the platform is moving?

An array of Transforms which the moving platform will move towards. When the ending waypoint is reached it will loop back to the start

Start Waypoint Index
The starting waypoint index to move towards

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