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This integration is available on the Integrations page.

The UMA 2 integration allows your UMA created character to be used as a Third Person Controller character. There are two different components included in this integration. The first component adds all of the Third Person Controller components after UMA has created the character. These components are the same components that the Character Builder adds. The second component is game specific and is included in the UMA sample scene download. This component will add the Fall and Jump ability, along with attaching the camera. Both of these components use Unity Events to be notified after the UMA character has been created:

This screenshot was taken on UMA's Dynamic Character Avatar component. When the character is created UMACharacterBuilder.BuildCharacter will be called. This adds of the standard Third Person Controller components. The second event, UMAItemBuilder.BuildItem, will add the specified items to the character. The last event, CharacterSetup.SetupCharacter, is game specific and in this case will add the Fall and Jump ability along with attaching the camera to the character.

When the character is updated UMACharacterBuilder.UpdateBuilder is called and this will do any Third Person Controller updates, such as resizing the character's CapsuleCollider. The final callback, CharacterSetup.UpdateCharacterSetup, is game specific and will reinitialize the abilities.

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