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This integration is available on the Integrations page.

The Inventory Pro integration allows your character to use Inventory Pro along with the Third Person Controller inventory. This integration works by receiving callbacks from Inventory Pro when an event occurs (such as looting a treasure chest or purchasing an item from a vendor). The Third Person Controller inventory will notify Inventory Pro when an event causes an inventory change on its end (such as using an item). This document assumes that you are familiar with how Inventory Pro works.

After downloading the Inventory Pro integration files you'll have the option of selecting three new Inventory Pro ItemTypes: PrimaryTPCItem, ConsumableTPCItem, and SecondaryTPCItem. These three types map to the Third Person Controller PrimaryItemType, ConsumableItemType, and SecondaryItemType. DualWieldItemTypes are not necessary as you can equip multiple PrimaryItemTypes.

These ItemTypes can be selected from the Inventory Pro Item Editor.

These item types can be used as normal Inventory Pro items - with Object Triggers, Lootable Object, etc. Your Third Person Controller character also needs to be setup to work with Inventory Pro. The first step is to add Inventory Pro's Inventory Player component, along with the Inventory Controller Bridge component included with the integration files.

Once these components have been added you can use the Third Person Controller with Inventory Pro!

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