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As we are getting closer to the v2 beta/release I've been getting some more questions on v2. Here's a small FAQ on v2 to help answer some of the more common questions. I'll keep this FAQ updated with the latest info.

Are UFPS and the Third Person Controller still going to be separate assets?
Yes, UFPS and the Third Person Controller are still going to be separate assets. UFPS v2 will no longer contain a third person perspective but it will work with the Third Person Controller if you have both assets imported.

What is the Ultimate Character Controller?
The Ultimate Character Controller is a new asset that will contain both UFPS and the Third Person Controller.

When will version 2 be released?
We are targeting August. This depends on a lot of factors though so the date may be pushed back. We want to get it out as soon as we can but we also want it to be an extremely solid product.

Will there be an upgrade cost to version 2?
Yes, there will be. We started version 2 from a completely blank project and have been taking the best parts of UFPS and the Third Person Controller. Because it has been significant work in creating this version there will be some type of upgrade cost associated with it. We don't know the price yet but it'll definitely be reasonable.

Will I be able to upgrade from version 1 to version 2?
You will have the option in the Asset Store, but version 2 is a completely new product so all of the scripts have changed (and new meta files). When we first started on version 2 we had to choice of upgrading the existing asset or starting from scratch. In the end we thought that starting from scratch would give the better result. After more than 18 months in development I am happy that we went this route because the controller is extremely flexible and easy to work with.

There will be an extensive amount of editor scripts to get you going though so you'll be able to quickly get a working character and weapons again.

Is there a public version 2 roadmap available?
Not yet. We have an internal roadmap for what we'd like to include in each beta/release but we haven't posted it publicly. We don't want to set expectations high for a particular release and not be able to get it in. All of the popular features of UFPS and TPC v1 will be included in the v2 (in addition to many new ones!).

Will version 2 support multiplayer?
Yes, it will through an addon. An abstract networking layer has been added which makes adding new multiplayer implementations easier than what it is in v1. We were planning on releasing the multiplayer addon at the same time as the v2 release but it'll have to be pushed back because we are currently blocked by a Unity bug. If you can vote for it on the Issue Tracker that would be great. See this post for more info.

Will version 2 support VR?
Yes, there will be an addon that will add VR support. This addon will be released shortly after the v2 release date.

Can you send me a beta version of version 2?
Thanks for your interest! We will only be sending this beta to a very small number of people. The reason we don't want to invite too many people is to reduce the amount of feedback that we get (there are only two of us at Opsive) and also all of the documentation won't be done yet so a lot of it will be learning as you go. As we get closer and closer to release we may open the beta to more and more people to get more feedback. Our goal is to get v2 out as quickly as possible with having as solid of a base as we can and we believe that this is the best way to accomplish this.

What abilities will be included in version 2?
Version 2 will contain the core abilities - jumping, falling, crouching, ragdoll, etc. All in all there are more than 20 core abilities included and we will have a full list before release. Unlike the Third Person Controller v1 it will not contain more advanced abilities such as climbing and swimming. We aren't complete with these advanced abilities yet but will be releasing addon packs that will support it. We are going the addon pack route because not everybody will need all of the advanced abilities that we will create and it also makes things really modular. The first addon pack that we will release is the agility addon and we'll have more info on that soon.

How can I see more on version 2?
You can follow our Twitter account and we tweet somewhat regularly with the current v2 topic that we're working on.

Will version 1 of UFPS and the Third Person Controller continue to be supported?
Yes - we will ensure version 1 of of both UFPS and TPC continue to work with the latest Unity version and receive bug fixes. We'll give plenty of notice when version 1 will no longer be supported.

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