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H2W Posts: 13Member
I was thinking about putting up a website, but I wasn't sure about which domain option to use.

Trying to muscle in on the www.(gamename).com url is too expensive at this stage for me.

I could make an elaborate title and use a .com domain, like:

Or, I could use a shorter title but use other domains, like:

There's also Google's new .app domain,
but those require an SSL certification to be set up and cost a bit more overall.

Would anyone have any tips or suggestions?


  • ACARROTACARROT Posts: 351Member
    I guess this answer is purely my opinion, meaning that I could see this differently to others, but based on my personal stereotypes of game websites I would think that the "www.(gamename)" would seem the most professional and affordable.
  • TryThisTryThis Posts: 981Member
    Why do you want a website? What is the purpose of it? Who are your visitors? What is the purpose of it? Why are people going to visit your website? What is the purpose of it? There are some low-hanging fruit in almost everything that anyone does, but that's not going to sustain a site that is worried about titles and simple costs of doing business. Why do you want a website? I really would suggest that you use existing avenues to support your game/product, unless it just makes you feel good to have a website … which is perfectly fine! … but reputation is earned, not purchased. Generally speaking.
  • H2W Posts: 13Member
    Thanks Acarrot, I appreciate your perspective on that.

    As for my motivation, I want to increase the prefessionality of my presentation to potential investors and business partners.

    The reason I'm attentive to cost is that I also intend to build and host websites for 2 friends for slightly more per month than my monthly website expenses, allowing me to cover all costs, show more facets of my skill set, and run my website entirely for free.
  • TryThisTryThis Posts: 981Member
    It will certainly work out well for you then, since managing and developing and administering and organizing and creating can all be done in the same 24 hour period. Sleeping and eating and washing your clothes are all secondary concerns at that point. I'm with you and wishing you well!
  • H2W Posts: 13Member
    edited May 17
    Hah, it's like you know me too well. I wish I could do all that in 24 hours, it would probably take me more like 72 with 14 hours of sleep.

    I'm using HostGator at $17, then I'm going to slap together two solid sites for my friends at $10 each, covering my expenses.

    My domain was only $9.17 from GoDaddy for the year.
  • H2W Posts: 13Member
    OK, my site is up and half decent.

    I have a working chat room, a news feed, a blog including a comment system, and a somewhat acceptable layout.

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