Please follow these steps to get help with UFPS and its add-ons.

1. See the F.A.Q. and Docs

See the DOCS PAGE for the FAQ, Knowledgebase, Manual, Releasenotes, and Feature list of all our assets. All major topics are covered in some detail in the manual, and we try hard to document every change in the releasenotes.

2. Check out the Tutorials

The TUTORIAL PAGE has a number of basic UFPS tutorials, explaining how to perform various editor- and scripting related tasks in UFPS. It also has links to several advanced tutorials.

3. Search the Forum

UFPS has a big, helpful community forum with loads of info. 1. First, be sure to SEARCH THE FORUM (search field at top left). Use simple search terms that are likely to match post tags.

TIP: Google search is hard to beat. If you are not satisfied with the search results of the forum platform, try doing a regular Google search with your search terms followed by a space and this string:
2. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, feel free to ASK A QUESTION.

4. Create a support ticket

Paying customer? We’re here to help! GO HERE for detailed info on how to get personal support..