A lifetime license for commercial use in as many games as you want
– along with unlimited updates – is currently yours for only $75.
It’s available from the Unity Asset Store, and from here via PayPal.

Official add-ons

UFPS Photon Multiplayer Starter Kit (BETA)

This add-on can get you started on a multiplayer game using UFPS and Photon Unity Networking – with all the base features of UFPS working in multiplayer from day one.

Mobile Add-on for UFPS

This add-on provides a slick touch-FPS implementation allowing you to unleash the power of UFPS onto current-gen iOS and Android devices.

Third-party add-ons

These Unity assets were designed specifically for use with UFPS, in collaboration with Opsive.


This add-on will allow you to increase mobility and freedom of movement  in your game. Inspired by games like Mirror’s Edge, it aims to provide an excellent first person parkour platform for Unity.

cInput for UFPS

This bridge allows you to easily integrate cInput into UFPS, giving your players customizable inputs inside your game! Best of all, it is completely free if you already own cInput and UFPS!

UFPS is compatible with most Unity assets. Below you will find links to assets that have dedicated UFPS integrations, or have been tested with UFPS.
PLEASE NOTE: The below assets were not developed by Opsive. They are sold and supported by their respective authors!


Inventory Pro

Inventory Pro is a highly flexible and easy to use inventory, that can be used for all game types. Features multiple inventories, an advanced currency system, controller support, crafting, full mobile support and is extremely optimized. Supports UFPS + the multiplayer BETA.

Adventure Creator

Adventure Creator is a feature-packed 2D and 3D adventure game creation kit. Game designer? Build an entire adventure without writing a line of code. Programmer? Extend it’s functionality by integrating your own events directly into the system. And with a strong community behind it, it’s being improved all the time.

Dialogue System for Unity

Dialogue System for Unity makes it easy to add interactive dialogue and quests to your game. It’s a complete, robust solution including a visual node-based editor, dialogue UIs, cutscenes, quests logs, save/load, and more. The core is a lean, efficient conversation system.

Edy's Vehicle Physics

EVP brings GTA-style vehicle physics to your games. Designed for gameplay, ease of use and realistic behavior. Fun vehicles can be rigged and configured for gameplay in minutes. Features vehicle damage effects, multiple ground materials and more. An UFPS integration tutorial is available here.

Modular Build Engine

Modular Build Engine (MBE) provides a seamless fortress building solution comparable to the major league survival type games on the market. MBE comes with everything required to function including FBX models, prefabs, icons, a build menu, and integration with other popular assets such as UFPS.


Rewired is an advanced input system that completely redefines how you work with input, giving you an unprecedented level of control over one of the most important components of your game.

Behavior Designer

Behavior Designer is a behaviour tree implementation designed for everyone – programmers, artists, designers. It offers an intuitive visual editor with a powerful API allowing you to easily create new tasks. With Behavior Designer, you can bring the power of behaviour trees to Unity!


Quickly make gameplay prototypes, A.I. behaviors, interactions between GameObjects and more. The interface and workflow is similiar to the mecanim system, no need to study completely from scratch. Hundreds of actions and conditions are already availible and more are coming regularly.

AI Systems

Paragon Shooter AI

This is the all new, excellent AI System used in the Sci-fi shooter Paragon Evolved. With a sophisticated cover system, battlefield interaction, customizable unit types, grenades, multiple teams, priority targets, procedural aiming, melee attacks and much more it really has all you need in a modern, tactical shooter AI.

Squad Command: Advanced Warfighter AI

Squad Command is an AI starter kit for squad based FPS games. Quickly create your own battles and team fights with readymade gameplay assets including several soldier classes and gameplay components. Drag and drop additional soldiers to form up enemy armies or allied squadrons. An UFPS integration tutorial is available here.

Advanced Battle AI for Playmaker

The most comprehensive & easy to use A.I. system for PlayMaker! Our team-based A.I. can use ranged & melee attacks, toss grenades, dodge shots, execute advanced retreat maneuvers, receive real time commands, taunt enemies before attacking, and so much more! UFPS compatible (demo scene included).

Node AI

Node AI is advanced pathfinding without the need for a navmesh or baking of any kind. AIs can follow routes and track players through complex levels with perfect accuracy. Built with procedurally generated games in mind, but powerful enough for any situation. Includes easy UFPS integration with detailed setup instructions.

SILVER: Advanced AI Combat Engine

Silver AI allows you to rapidly generate AI without code and with a minimal learning curve. Make AI for characters, basic vehicles, and rotatable turrets. Supports Cover-finding (dynamic & manually placed cover areas). Includes UFPS Integration Demo.

Modeling Tools

ProBuilder 2

ProBuilder empowers you to build entire game levels or prototypes, right in the Unity editor. Then, playtest immediately- zero guesswork or frustration. Whether used for base geometry, final art, or even modeling props and details, ProBuilder will significantly boost your speed and quality of work!

FPS Mesh Tool

FPS Mesh Tool makes it quick and easy to prepare any skinned mesh for use in an FPS. It splits your base mesh into separate submeshes for the body, head, and arms, allowing you to apply different materials (eg invisible) to the arms, head, or body as needed.

FX Systems


Exploder is an ultimate realtime mesh explosion system for Unity. It can explode any game object in a matter of milliseconds! Just tag your favorite game object and call method Explode from the script.

Advanced Sniper Starter Kit

A Realistic Sniper Shooting System with projectile simulation and camera effects, such as bullet time and slow motion. See your bullet fly through its target with a special cam. The kit is ready for mobile devices, with mobile controller included, and compatible with UFPS and Unity 5.

V-Light Volumetric Lights

V-Lights allows you to easily create true volumetric spot lights and points lights. Not faked with 2D sprites but true volumes.

Art Assets

Close Range Weapons

10 close range weapons ready to deploy and easy to integrate with UFPS. Enjoy your new survival game inventory!

FPS Handy Hands

FPS Handy Hands is a set of high quality first person hand models. Includes both male and female generic hands, boned and skinned.

30 Low Poly Mobile Guns Pack

This pack contains 30 low-poly guns with both Diffuse and Normal Maps, and Prefabs of all the weapons, with pre-configured versions of the guns ready for UFPS. Really light and high quality meshes ideal for mobile platforms.

Adventure/Horror Complete Kit + Manor

A complete kit designed to allow you to create your own first person adventure game and it will be as easy as using Unity standard editor. A complete manor graphic asset (50+ prefabs) is included and you can use it to build your own level.

SF - Mothership Service Rooms v.1

In this package you will find everything you need to build modular sci-fi horror themed levels. Contains over 60 prefabs and textures from 1k to 4k. Scene collisions and scale was tested with UFPS (2 meters player height).