UFPS Basics

These basic tutorials courtesy of Redhawk explain how to perform some common and basic tasks in UFPS.

Raywenderlich Introduction to UFPS

This tutorial gives a detailed overview on how to get started with UFPS.

Xenosmash UFPS Tutorials

A series of videos going over how to use UFPS and the Mobile Add-on for UFPS.

Redhawk's UFPS Tutorials

Redhawk has a great collection of UFPS tutorials ranging from basics to hardcore modding. A must see!

Jayanam UFPS tutorials

Tutorial series focused using UFPS.

The ProBuilder E1M1 Tutorials

This series explains how to recreate the landmark FPS level “E1M1” from classic DOOM using ProBuilder and UFPS. Part 6 and 9 focus on doors, triggers and elevators in UFPS.